The real enemy of Alt Coins

Looking at graphs, its apparent to me that the real enemy of Alt Coins is not Bitcoin falling, but instead of Bitcoin stagnating. When Bitcoin stagnates, volume overall goes down, which is pretty devastating for Alt coins. When Bitcoin stagnates over a few months, that’s when Alt coin ratio falls to the lowest.


Roubini says XRP, ETH, Alt coins will go bust

Dr. Roubini, who got famous predicting the 2008 crash says that blockchain is not useful and that most coins like ETH and XRP will go bust. However, I do not agree with him because many coins, and especially XRP have found a large market and will soon get massive widespread use by the banking sector. Santander Bank with its $1.7 trillion in assets has already said it would use XRP to settle all of its transactions and more banks sign on with xCurrent and xRapid every day. J.P. Morgan is building their new messaging system on Ethereum and Ethereum has been use to tokenize premium property so his assertion about blockchain not finding use is flat out wrong. I think he will lose part of this reputation when XRP becomes a big player in the financial markets and blockchain being the technology that changes many industries.

Top ALT Coins for the 2nd half of 2018

These are my picks for top Alt Coins for 2nd half of 2018. Please note that this is not professional financial advice and I am not a professional financial adviser, these are my opinions only and I am not responsible for your profits or losses.

1. Photon(PHO) — You get pick up almost 3 million right now for $100 and its already integrated into Fortnite and CS GO and its own game is being developed. If it goes to 1 penny, you make 300x what you put in. Not a bad gamble for $100.

2. Siacoin(SC) — Interesting technology and service that is in demand, cheap coin for just over 1 cent right now, could have big potential.

3. GIN — Already has thousands of users using its platform and generating revenue, a rarity for cryptocurrency. Its ROI for staking is only 135% or so right now, but a coin with an actual use case that people are using and paying money for is nothing to sneeze at.

4. Cappacity — 3d printing and 3d worlds could be big in product displays and games. Already has a usable products with clients using it. If it can ever get its marketing together, there’s a big need for it.

5. Ripple(XRP) – Closest Crypto right now to getting big financial institutions to adopt it. Been to $3 before and could easily go there again.

6. Nucleus Vision(Ncash) — Cheap at just over a penny right now. Although some partnerships are exaggerated, it does have some big confirmed partnerships, so at this price, its worth taking a risk for me.

7. TRON — Justin Sun is the master of hype and spin and TRON has been to 26 cents before with less to show for it than it has now. Justin Sun has purchased Bittorrent and has friendships with asian business moguls. Could mean big things for TRON.

8. Bitshares, Kucoin, Binance — These are almost guaranteed to go up when the market rallies as the exchanges will see a surge in traffic. With a surge in traffic, exchange trade tokens will have much higher demand.

Those are my Alt coin picks for the 2nd half of 2018.

Colossus XT(COLX) – Why it may be time to buy now(March 20)

Colossus XT(COLX) has been a coin I have said good things about in the past as a long term hold. It, like many other coins, has suffered greatly in this bear market. However, that may be changing in part because the G20 summit has refused any further regulations on the Cryptoworld and mostly because ColX is about to get listed on Cryptopia. The biggest market currently for ColX is Cryptobridge and the volume today is only $30,000 in total, which is very small for a coin like this. Getting listed on a exchange like Cryptopia which is 2 tiers higher on my list than Cryptobridge can make the price go up several times which is why in my opinion it is a very good buy for short term gain. If the rally continues on into this week when this coin finally gets listed in Cryptopia, then I can easily see massive gains for this coin as its volume shoots straight up. Add to the fact that this coin is almost at an all-time low, having dropped from 2 cents to .2 cents in the last few months and you have a storm brewing for large amounts of gains. Of course, this is not guaranteed and you run the risk of loosing a lot of money should the market suddenly turn downward but for me over the next few days, it is well worth the risk for the possible rewards.