Visa Launches Token Service

VISA has launched their Token services, which is a blockchain based tokenization service meant to speed up payments when buying with card. It is estimated that it will process $1 trillion and will replace VISA checkout at the end of this month.


Vechain Partners with Microsoft and Eidos Games to make blockchain card game

Vechain has partnered with Microsoft and Eidos games to make a blockchain card game. The game will use a non-fungible token on Vechain to trade ownership of cards and items. In response to this news Vechain is up 24% in the last 24 hours, which may be a little of an overreaction but hopefully it provides good utility in the future.

KPMG adopts blockchain in Australia, China, and Japan

KPMG, one of the big four auditing firms has adopted blockchain for clients in China, Australia, and Japan. It is currently going to track Rice and Sugar Canes, as well as other agricultural and financial products. Now with KPMG origins, all four of the big four auditing firms have blockchain solutions for their clients and goes to show how much blockchain technology is being adopted.

Visa Launches B2B blockchain payments system

VISA launched a B2B blockchain payments system based on hyperledger fabric and hosted by Linux. They have been working on this solution since 2016 and have done two extensive 18 month long pilot tests which proved to be successful. This goal is to eliminate payments friction with DLT technology. There is no plan to use any digital assets within the VISA blockchain solution.

IMF gives the go-ahead, Russia and Canada may issue National Cryptocurrencies

The IMF gave the go-ahead to 8 countries including Russia and Canada to mint their own national cryptocurrencies. The IMF has been supporting the idea of CBDC(central Bank Digital Currencies) for some time now and major G20 countries may sign on. I am not sure if Canada will do this but I have a feeling that Russia is interested because they have recently been dumping US bonds and have said that they will buy Bitcoin to compensate. Issuing their own CBDC will help the process and many other countries may follow. Third world countries like Venezuela have already issued or tried to issue their own cryptocurrencies and I think the world transition to digital money is around the corner. This may be the start of the end of paper cash. However, I don’t think that will effect us much since most of our money is already digital anyways and this just fully makes our money system digital. It may help solve the debt and liquidity problems that faces the world today.

TRON Demos Decentralized Exchange

TRON(TRX)demoed their decentralied exchange on their Testnet today and it went successfully. TronMarketWatch will probably deploy soon into production and it will provide liquidity to all TRX10 and TRX20 Tokens, giving a boost to developers who are working with the TRON network. The exchanges also should boost up traffic on the mainnet, which may increase the demand for TRX. Bitshares, which runs crypto bridge network has made that blockchain, one of the most used in all of crypto and it is a small exchange. The TRON exchange has the potential to increase the transactions on the TRX network many times over and become the most used network in existence. This is a great moment for TRON and will attract many developers to their mainnet.

XRP has support from White House, will it effect price?

Representatives from Ripple met with Donald Trump and staff in regards to the XRP cryptocurrency lately and it had a positive outcome. The white house now supports XRP because it may be able to compete with BTC in the minds of people when it comes to cryptocurrency. The white house may view Bitcoin as a threat because China controls 80% of Bitcoin mining and since Trump ha decided on an all-out trade war with China, he is afraid that China might use Bitcoin as a tool against the United States. This could mean better treatment from the authorities in regards to XRP and a loosening of regulations around the asset. This could indirectly effect price in the future and shore up what could have been legal problems for XRP because they now have friends within the administration.

Roubini says XRP, ETH, Alt coins will go bust

Dr. Roubini, who got famous predicting the 2008 crash says that blockchain is not useful and that most coins like ETH and XRP will go bust. However, I do not agree with him because many coins, and especially XRP have found a large market and will soon get massive widespread use by the banking sector. Santander Bank with its $1.7 trillion in assets has already said it would use XRP to settle all of its transactions and more banks sign on with xCurrent and xRapid every day. J.P. Morgan is building their new messaging system on Ethereum and Ethereum has been use to tokenize premium property so his assertion about blockchain not finding use is flat out wrong. I think he will lose part of this reputation when XRP becomes a big player in the financial markets and blockchain being the technology that changes many industries.