How to spot micro-cryptos for day trading using charts and patterns

As many of you know, I do a lot of Micro crypto-currency trading at exchanges like Cryptopia, Bleutrade, or, but how do you spot which coins are good or can make you a big profit if you aren’t the first one in on the rumors or information? There are certain things you can look for in the coin charts and graphs to identify coins that may be in for a 20% gain or more per day. First, you need to look for coins where the daily volume is many times greater than of buy or sell walls. If the daily volume is 2 bitcoins and the buy and sell wall of the two prices is going between is 1.5 bitcoin each, then that coin is not a good target because it is very hard for you to get through each day’s buy and sell wall and the coin may not see much movement. If a coin has a volume of 50btc and the buy and sell walls at 10% lower or 10% higher than your buy or sell price are only 1 btc, then that is a good coin to make money off of the movement. The amount you are day trading with should be less than 1/10 th of the daily volume, otherwise you run the risk of making a impassable buy or sell wall for that coin.
You should also look for patterns of dips and rises and set buys and sells at the low and high points because some coins rarely go above or below those points. You never want to get caught up in the frenzy and buy near the high or sell near the low because that is almost a guaranteed way to lose money. Because a lot of the tips are better in video format, watch the video below for a fuller explanation: