Use cases for top 20 coins

Here are use cases for top 20 coins rundown:

1. Bitcoin — Paying Ohio Taxes, Bitpay Card, Many Vendors
2. XRP — X-current, X-rapid, banks, Remittances(Transfergo), Omni, Coil, X-spring
3. ETH — Tokenizing Apartments, J.P. Morgan(enterprise Ethereum), Amazon web services, IDEX exchange
4. XLM — XLM open marketplace(exchange), Starlight, IBM Worldwire, Smartlands
5. EOS – Elemental Battles Game, Gambling Games
6. BCH – Vendors like
7. BSV – ATM machines in various countries? Not sure.
8. LTC – FB messanger, Various Merchants
9. Cardano – Cardanocard, Fintech(forthcoming)
10. Monero –
12. BNB – Binance exchange, Booking of 450,000 hotels for travel
13. IOTA – Vehicle Supply Chain, Data Marketplace, Waste Monitoring in skyscrapers, city parking monitoring, Self-driving car fleets

14. NEM – Luxtag, Charity(cryptoheroes)
15. Dash – Church Chicken in Venezuela, various merchants
16. ETC – IHOK, not sure about use cases
17. NEO — Generation of GAS, use cases)
18. Zcash – Merchants
19. Tezos – Moneytrack
20. Dogecoin – Dogepal, reddit tipping, mom and pop shops


MacCoin, is McDonalds’s getting into Crypto?

In order to celebrate its 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, McDonalds is issuing a “MacCoin” whose price is always going to be the price of a Big Mac because you can go to a McDonalds and redeem it for a Big Mac. One thing about this that people are getting confused about is that it is not actually a cryptocurrency. It is a physical coin and not issued on the blockchain so it has no technological aspects of a crypto. It is something fun to talk about and if McDonald’s does join the Crypto game sometime and issues a coin tied to the price of their food, it could act like Tether as a stablecoin since the price of McDonalds food is relatively stable. I don’t think McDonalds wants into the game, who who knows?

Hydro(HOT) token, is it a good buy?

Hydro(HOT) is a token that would facilitate transactions and liquidity for Decentralized exchanges by providing incentive mechanisms to users for providing liquidity and defining rules for executing orders. It competes with tokens like Bitshares which is over 4 times its price and has twice the supply of Hydro but Bitshares is also quite a bit further ahead in the game as there are DEX’s(like cryptobridge) already using it. Whether or not you will want to invest in this token depends on if you think decentralized exchanges are going to be the future or not. Personally, I think decentralized exchanges will grow in the coming years but I do not think they will replace centralized exchanges such as Binance, which will still have the lion’s share of the market. However, due to the fact that Decentralized exchanges have such a tiny fraction right now, I think they have a lot of room to grow and thus tokens like Hydro and Bitshares have a bright future.

OriginTrail(TRAC), is it a good coin?

OriginTrail(TRAC) is a cryptocurrency that is priced at about 19.5 cents right now and centered around supply chain management. For the price and the max supply(500,000,000) and its point in development, I feel like it is undervalued. They have 20,000 shoppers and many suppliers(farmers) on their test network. They also have run several pilot projects with different companies in different industries successfully on their Alpha network which is far ahead of where most small coins are at.
One date that potential investors should look at is June 29th, which is their Beta Testnet Launch and if you believe in this project, you will want to buy in by that date or the price of this token could get much higher. Their main net will launch in Q3 this year and there will already be several companies on their network when it does. I think if they end up being the token that brings supply chain management to blockchain, they can be really huge and worth billions of dollars.

Kucoin Shares — Is it a good investment

Kucoin Shares(KCS) is a token that is directly linked to Kucoin, a large cryptocurrency exchange and its price is based on the volume of the Kucoin exchange. It is sort of like Binance Coin(BNB) but it has one advantage over the BNB coin. It yields what looks like to be around a 20% dividend based on the number of shares you have. Kucoin shares 50% of its trading fees with KCS holders so the larger the volume or trades on Kucoin is, the larger your dividend is going to be. I expect as the crypto market rebounds, volumes on Kucoin are going way up so the actual price of these shares will increase dramatically but so will the dividends gained from shareholders which will make these coins very very lucrative. Also, with Kucoin’s aggressive marketing plan, I do feel like they have a good chance to be a top 20-25 exchange in the future, which makes this even more lucrative of a coin. While I would not put all my eggs in one basket, based on the fact that I think Kucoin has a bright future and that the dividends are going to draw a lot of people towards this coin, it looks to be a solid buy.

Ormeus Coin(ORME), is it a good buy?

Ormeus Coin is a coin based on industrial Cryptocurrency mining. They use much of the money gained from mining to buy more hardware to increase their hashing power and they have a good roadmap of cards, wallets, and other services they want to provide but their main product is tied to cryptocurrency mining. They are a fully audited operation and are built on the ERC20 platform. They’ve achieved 60 pentahash and are looking to go as high as 250 pentahash by the end of this year. This currently produces over 8 million dollars in revenue per month and they are targeting over $500 million in revenue per month by Q1 of 2019.
Right now the price has recently increased by over 100% and is slowly coming back down so I would not buy it until it comes down a little further towards its center line of $1.20 but it could shoot way up if the price of Bitcoin rises. Since the profits generated from this mining operation is tied to Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin, it will go up and down with the price of those coins. This, however, brings up the issue that as you get further along in the Blockchain, those coins are going to become harder and harder to mine and will require more hashing power and energy costs. The value of your company is also tied directly to the value of other Cryptocurrencies and not your own operations so there is danger involved. Also, many popular new coins are becoming proof of stake and not proof of work which cuts mining largely out of the equation. These facts make mining operations questionable investments beyond the 1.5 year timeframe.
I do think, however, that at least through the rest of this year and early next year, it will be a profitable venture and would be a good investment in that time frame but beyond 2019, I am not sure about the Crypto mining industry so if I was looking to cash in on this coin, I would look to the next 1 to 1.5 years as the timeframe.

Credits(CS), is it a good coin?

Today we take a look at Credits(CS) coin and what it is. Credits had an ICO from the Feb 17th, 2018 to Feb 28, 2018 and has an estimated value of 43 cents at the time of this writing. Credits seems to be touting itself(like most other coins) as a lightning fast, low-fee, transaction token built on a superior platform. The credits team is amazing at social media marketing and has raised a lot of hype for this coin which is why the value of the coin skyrocketed to above $1 before coming back down towards its ICO price. Credits will have smart contracts capabilities and looks to do business with banks and financial institutions.

Credits currently has an online wallet which you can register for but no desktop wallet. They do not seem to be an ERC20 token because they tout having their own superior platform on their website and so are not based off the Ethereum network like other ERC20 tokens.

Despite their whitepaper and roadmap, there are major concerns for me about the Credits token. Their github repository is almost completely empty except for one file that contains 5 lines of code. The 5 lines of code also makes it sound like that are an ERC20 token, which is the opposite of what they present on their website. Every single coin I’ve looked at, regardless if they are a good coin or junk coin has a github repository with source code and this code not having one really worries me.

I have also checked out several of their discussion points on bitcoin talk and reddit and whenever someone brings this point up, they try to dismiss it as FUD. The lack of transparency of development and any source code and the lack of a desktop wallet makes me very hesitant to buy into this coin.

I would personally hold off on this coin for a few months and see how its doing then and wait for more transparency from the team to make sure its not just a large marketing gig with no real substance underneath.