Ethereum 2.0 scaling solution dropped on medium

Today, long before Ethereum 2.0 is launch, someone on medium dropped a scaling solution for it based off of the Argent Wallet. This would let every take part in the scaling and negate the 32 ETH minimum limit. My guess is its someone from Argent.


Use cases for top 20 coins

Here are use cases for top 20 coins rundown:

1. Bitcoin — Paying Ohio Taxes, Bitpay Card, Many Vendors
2. XRP — X-current, X-rapid, banks, Remittances(Transfergo), Omni, Coil, X-spring
3. ETH — Tokenizing Apartments, J.P. Morgan(enterprise Ethereum), Amazon web services, IDEX exchange
4. XLM — XLM open marketplace(exchange), Starlight, IBM Worldwire, Smartlands
5. EOS – Elemental Battles Game, Gambling Games
6. BCH – Vendors like
7. BSV – ATM machines in various countries? Not sure.
8. LTC – FB messanger, Various Merchants
9. Cardano – Cardanocard, Fintech(forthcoming)
10. Monero –
12. BNB – Binance exchange, Booking of 450,000 hotels for travel
13. IOTA – Vehicle Supply Chain, Data Marketplace, Waste Monitoring in skyscrapers, city parking monitoring, Self-driving car fleets

14. NEM – Luxtag, Charity(cryptoheroes)
15. Dash – Church Chicken in Venezuela, various merchants
16. ETC – IHOK, not sure about use cases
17. NEO — Generation of GAS, use cases)
18. Zcash – Merchants
19. Tezos – Moneytrack
20. Dogecoin – Dogepal, reddit tipping, mom and pop shops

Roubini says XRP, ETH, Alt coins will go bust

Dr. Roubini, who got famous predicting the 2008 crash says that blockchain is not useful and that most coins like ETH and XRP will go bust. However, I do not agree with him because many coins, and especially XRP have found a large market and will soon get massive widespread use by the banking sector. Santander Bank with its $1.7 trillion in assets has already said it would use XRP to settle all of its transactions and more banks sign on with xCurrent and xRapid every day. J.P. Morgan is building their new messaging system on Ethereum and Ethereum has been use to tokenize premium property so his assertion about blockchain not finding use is flat out wrong. I think he will lose part of this reputation when XRP becomes a big player in the financial markets and blockchain being the technology that changes many industries.

XRP Overtakes Ethereum, still strong bull sentiment ahead

XRP kept on gaining today and overtook Ethereum to become the #2 cryptocurrency by market cap. XRP, among the top cryptocurrencies, had been the worst performing cryptocurrency this year up until this latest bull run, dropping more than 90% of its peak value. However, the partnership news with PNC as well as anticipation for X-Rapid has boosted its price on solid partnership news and massive future potential. I think since I believe the overall market will start recovering in Q4 or this year, that XRP will hit $3-$4 by the end of the year, roughly the same spot in was in last year and with a good long term outlook perhaps hit $20 by the end of 2019.

EOS surpasses ETH(temporarily) in DAPP transactions

EOS, with a betting app that takes up about 90% of its DAPP volume has temporarily surpassed ETH in terms of dollar value for decentralized app transactions. This is probably temporary as these apps that spike up so fast are generally a FAD but this illustrates a real problem for ETH heading forward and why ETH may find it hard to recover in price even in bullish market.
Last year, if you wanted to build a decentralized application, ETH was the only game in town. Now, however, you have a choice between ETH, EOS, TRON, XLM, and other networks so there is a lot more competition than there was a year ago. Also, from a technical standpoint, the newer networks are better than Ethereum in terms of how many transactions they can handle and some of them like XLM already have big corporate backing(in terms of IBM). For these reasons, Ethereum may struggle to regain the luster in once had.

Ethereum and why it has crashed so hard this year

During this crash, Ethereum has fallen harder than most other coins and this is because of a double or triple whammy. Aside from the overall fall in the market which would drag Ethereum prices down, many of the ICOs that debuted on Ethereum blockchain have failed which further drives down its price. In addition to that, the well-intentioned ICOs that were doing pretty well funded their ICOs with ETH and not cash so when Ehtereum dropped from over $1000 to $300, they lost 70% of their start-up capital and probably could not afford the resources or staff they once had so even more of them failed. This all reflects badly on Ethereum, which makes it fall even further. In a bear market, this could be a self-perpetuating downward spiral. However, the good news is that when the market starts to improve, these factors will work in reverse and Ethereum may recover much faster than other coins.