How much can you get from Faucets?

The faucet links on the right navigation bar are all free places where you can get Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. But how much free coinage can you actually get from these free sources? Here’s a breakdown if you collect at the shortest time interval of once every 5 minutes. This is done when the price of Bitcoin is $7920, these are per day numbers:

Litecoin: 43200 Litoshi
Bitcoin 1728: Satoshi
Dogecoin: 17.28 Doge
Bitcoin Cash: .00004896 Bitcoin Cash
Dash: .00010368 Dash

Total in $(USD)= 32.82 cents, meaning if you did it for a year, you can make $119 per year. This is with no referrals. This, at DOGE’s current price, is just over 100 doge. While this will certainly not make you rich, it does give you small amounts of experiment on with Micro Crypto currency trading to my experience and to run your own experiments.