Dogecoin Q&A session

Here in the video below I will answer the following questions:

1. How to prounce DOGE, you can see in this video:

2. Question of inflation and limited supply and what Jackson Palmer has to do with it

3. Are freebit and freedoge good for free coins?

4. Why Dogecoin should focus in on the pet niche.


Facebook Reverses Crypto Ads bans

Social Media Giant Facebook has just reversed its stance on banning all cryptocurrency ads from its network. ICOs are still banned and all crypto ads will have to undergo intense scrutiny before being approved but they are lifting the blanket ban and you will see crypto ads on facebook. I think there are two reasons behind this. The first being that there is just too much money in it for Facebook to ignore. The second being that Facebook is coming out with its own Cryptocurrency and it’d be really awkward if they couldn’t promote their own product. This is great news for the crypto world because part of the massive decline of Bitcoin price a few months ago was the fact that Google, Facebook, and Twitter all banned cryptocurrency ads from their networks. Now that I think one of them has turned face, the other two will feel the pressure to reverse their policy as well as there was really no sense in the policies in the first place. Hopefully, this will cause a big bump leading to an extended rally for the entire crypto market.

Three things that new coins/companies need to be successful

In my opinion, there are three things that a new coin/company needs to be successful and all three need to work in combination. First, you need a solid product and technology. If you don’t and its all fluff, your coin may well end up being a pump and dump coin. Second you need a good marketing team and some guys who know how to get on many exchanges. If you have the product and technology but don’t have this, your coin may never appreciate to the price it should and could be forgotten because the volume will be very small. Third, you need a good PR and business relations team to secure future partnerships and generate revenue and also talk to your community of investors. In crypto you need your community to generate you hype and increase volume for further growth.
Many coins have 1 or 2 of these things but very few have all 3.