Bitcoin Halving has happened

Well, the Bitcoin halving has happened! And it came with a whimper. The price has not moved much today but I do expect in the next 2 weeks before the difficulty adjustment happens, we may see a move downward as many shut off their miners due to decreased rewards.


Why XRP does not rise with news

Many people have noticed that XRP does not rise no matter what good news comes out. People have blamed China, “the man”, and other various things for the reason. The real reason might actually come from the XRP community and XRP army themselves. They set unrealistic goals for XRP and the price and partnerships which are never achieved. This makes the real good news very tame in comparison which means people are always disappointed. When people are disappointed, the price does not pump.

TRON – Kobe Bryant – Alibaba Connection?

TRON has partnered with Kobe Bryant and he will be their speaker at their next big event. However, Kobe Bryant is also heavily partnered with Alibaba to increase his brand in Asia. Could there possibly be a connection there between TRON and Alibaba that perhaps signals a future partnership. I’d expect that it would benefit Kobe if two of his big partners started working together. Justin Sun himself has a close relationship with Jack Ma and rumors have swirled around TRON and Alibaba from a year now, could Kobe be another tie between the two companies as they have both partnered with him?

Blockchain Cuties integration TRON

The popular collectible pets game Blockchain Cuties has integrated its third blockchain network in TRON(TRX). This was done because it was hoping to use TRON’s speed to hit its 1000 tps mark and because of TRON $100 million gaming fund. It is now the first game in the tron arcade. This should increase the transactions per second and perhaps get more developers to develop on the TRON network.

SWIFT Denies Ripple Integration Rumors — Again, list of Ripple Partnerships

Once again, SWIFT has denied any rumors of possible Ripple integration regarding SR 2018 with the spokesperson saying he does not know where the rumors came from. He says that SR2018 has nothing to do with Ripple or Ripplenet and is mainly to ensure end to end tracking for SWIFT customers. Ripple, however, does boast 200 partnerships and the status of these can be found Here. Have a look, there are many that will come live on x-rapid next year, ensuring a price increase for XRP.

Bakkt has competition from ErisX, what it means for Crypto

Bakkt is the big news currently from the world of Cryptocurrencies, but there is another competitor on the horizon that is also backed by big Wall Street Giants known as ErisX that is looking to launch spot trading early in 2019 and will launch physically backed futures of Bitcoin and possibly Litecoin and Ethereum later next year. This will expand the market to more investors next year and as these futures will be settled in Bitcoin and not Fiat, I think this will overall be good for the Bitcoin market. This means that these big Wall Street guys see the large demand for Crypto that is out there and are acting on it before the ship sails off without them meaning that in the long run, Crypto has a bright futures and will be much bigger than it is today.

Nucleus Vision(Ncash) bags 7 new partnerships over the summer

Nucleus Vision(Ncash) has bagged 7 new partnerships over the course of the summer including shopper stop, Gini and Jony, Globus, Bestsller, Croma, Superzop, and This combined with the earlier Futures Group partnership represent billions of dollars of revenue from several retail giants in India. Al these partnerships are confirmed with senior officials announcing the deal.
This puts Nucleus Vision in a solid position to be a top gainer once the market starts its bull run as they are piloting and deploying their sensor technology around India’s retail chains with plans to expand further into Southeast Asia in the future. This is one cryptocurrency you should be keeping track of.

* I am not a professional financial adviser and this is not professional financial advice, invest at your own risk. I am not responsible for your gains or losses.

Why the large cryptocurrencies need regulation for the entire sector to grow

I think for cryptocurrencies to make it to the next level, there must be regulation on a core group of coins that can form the foundations of the entire industry or sector. These coins need to be widely accepted by merchants and funds which require a good amount of rules and regulations to be placed on them. The rest of the smaller alt coin market should not and cannot be regulated because people will always speculate no matter what you tell them. However, by these large coins being regulated, institutional money will come flowing in, merchants will begin to mass-adopt them and they will have solid use-cases and therefore will at least at first, go up in price before stabilizing at some equilibrium point that is higher than what the price is now. Since the smaller Alt Coins are generally tied to one of these coins and will go up and down with them, they will jump on for the ride and the Alt Coin market will go up as well. So for the entire sector to appreciate in value, the top 5 or 10 coins must be regulated.

Traditional Venture Capitalists are getting into crypto

Traditional venture capitalists are finally getting into investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Although blockchain VC’s have always invested in crypto projects, traditional Venture Capitalists have always been a bit hesitant to do so. But now, two big names in Venture Capital have topped the top 10 investors into cryptocurrency projects. This just means more money pouring into the smaller Alt Coin market. This is good because with VC funding, more of these projects can be long-term and actually result in products or services that people will actually use. It also means more serious projects(not just money grabbing schemes) will start up, hopefully giving the space a little more legitimacy in the future. The alt coin market requires an investor to have a lot of money to be successful because the probability of any project succeeding in the long run, even when run by the best people is 20% at best which means a Venture Capitalist will have to seed many projects to find the one that will be a success. However, that one success will earn him or her 1000 times what they put in so that is why it is worth the risk. Because of this dynamic, a few successful projects will require an entire wave of investment that will be good for the entire sector.

What the Cryptocurrency Market really needs, and no, its not ETF’s.

Recently all the cry is over ETFs and how the SEC’s rejection of them has tanked the price of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market but that is not the real underlying reason. The real underlying reason has been there all along and its that Bitcoin price is completely dependent on its volume and that is dependent on how much people want to speculate. Although Bitcoin has made strides in merchant adoption, it is still mainly used to speculate for profit which is a problem for anything that wishes to be a currency long term. However, there is hope and silver lining because of things like the new platform that ICE is setting up, the woo-commerce plugin that was released by Coinbase and the fact that Coinbase is becoming a custodian for retirement and pension funds that are looking to get into the cryptocurrency market. All these things will have a greater impact than the ETF news for Bitcoin in the long term future because all of these things, especially Merchant Adoption, will generate volume for Bitcoin without the need for speculators. For Bitcoin to work in the long term, its main use has to either be a store of value or a medium of exchange, it cannot be used mainly to speculate on price as that will fail in the end. If you want Bitcoin to rise up, begging and cursing whales will not help. You need to convince wordpress merchants to use the woo-commerce plugin to accept Bitcoin. If you need webhosting, consider services like vultr that accepts Bitcoin as payment. If we show merchants that accepting bitcoin will draw in more customers, then more merchants will sign on. That will cause more actual use of the coin resulting in more transaction volume, which in turn will make the bottom of BTC price be higher as well as push the cryptocurrency market higher overall. In the end its not about your speculation on Bitcoin that will make it fly, its actually being able to buy stuff with it that will determine its future.