Vechain(VET) release whitepaper 2.0, Poloniex has email leak

Vechain(VET) has released whitepaper 2.0 with a new vision, new governance, and more use cases plus many case studies of what they are doing currently. Poloniex has had an e-mail leak with emails and passwords and thus has done a forced password reset. Happy New Year!


Poloniex allows “unverified” account trading

Poloniex has shown its true colors and why it really wanted to get away from the USA. It will now allow unverified account trading and withdraws per day of up to $10,000. That kind of thing would never fly in the United States. I think its a quick strategy to boost up customer numbers but will ultimately get Justin Sun and Poloniex into trouble in the long run.

Justin Sun going to buy Poloniex?

There is a rumor from Poloniex insiders that Justin Sun is at the head of a group of buyers that is acquiring Poloniex from Circle. Circle acquired Poloniex last year for $400 million and it can be assumed that the price payed for Poloniex is in buyout would be greater. Poloniex will also be closing its doors to US customers soon and US customers will have until Dec 15th to get their coins off of Poloniex. This seems strange as one of Justin Sun’s goals was to get TRON(TRX) on a US exchange and this does not seem to do the trick.

Dogecoin, Lisk, ZRX, Siacoin, Golem get USDT pairs at Poloniex

Dogecoin, Lisk, Zrx, Siacoin, and Golem got paired with USDT at Poloniex today and represents(I think) the first time these coins got a stablecoin pair that investors can use a safe haven to trade into if they see downward sentiment in the market. This is good for these coins because people will feel that they have more liquidity when they trade for these coins on Poloniex and will be more likely to trade in them and is good for Poloniex because fans of these coins will more likely trade at Poloniex when they trade these coins.