What is the ideal Cryptocurrency Portfolio

What does the ideal cryptocurrency portfolio look like? Is it one with coins that only go up and never go down? No, that’s not possible. No one can tell the future so you will always have ups and downs in the world of crypto. Instead, we will look at the composition of such a portfolio and what kind of coins it should contain by breaking it down into percentages. First, I think 30% of the Portfolio should consist of either Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and maybe ripple or a combination of the four. These four, I believe, are strong coins that are less volatile and risky than the others(they are still very risky from an investing perspective, but less so than other alt coins)so they will provide a more stable base in case everything else falls through. These are kind of like your Government Bonds or AAA bonds in terms of stocks and bonds. Another 30% should be in bigger coins and tokens that are fairly well known but have a higher potential than the big four. Examples would include TRON and EOS(generally coins that have a large volume and trade on major exchanges like Binance or OKex). I picked these two because both of them have their own network that other tokens can build on that have launched recently or are launching soon. These provide a bit of security and stability to your portfolio as well while giving you a lot of room for high ROI. The remaining 40% would be more speculative investing and would be small-cap coins. Yes, they are risky, but if you are trading in cryptocurrency, you are probably not the type of person that is trying to avoid risk at all costs because if you are, you are in the wrong market. With this 40%, you can go either day-trade, buy and hold coins that you think have great potential, or do proof of stake coins where you buy coins and then stake or Masternode them to generate more coins to sell for profit.
I personally prefer the staking/masternode coins with a high ROI(think 300%+) so I can get my money back quickly and then just grow my money using house money(in betting terms). Coins I would target in this area would be some of the coins I have discussed recently like High Temperature Coin(HTRC) or BiFrost(FROST) with giant rates of return in terms of staking or Masternode that will allow you both to grow your base as well as cash out coins to reclaim your initial investment. If you prefer just to buy and hold coins, I’d look at coins like ECC, Colossus XT, or other coins that have large potential but are still very cheap right now.
Keep your portfolio somewhat balanced so that you have both massive potential and some safety as well.