Infinipay(IFP), over 5000% ROI(for now) but whats the best strategy for Masternode coins?

*****High ROI coins are extremely risky, buy at your own risk.*****

Infinipay(IFP) is a new proof of stake coin that is currently at over 5000% ROI(but dropping fast as more nodes come up) that looks really enticing, but what is the best strategy for these MasterNode coins with extremely high, but decreasing ROI? First, you must check to see if after half a week if the team is still there and if there activity in the discord chat and the announcements thread. If there is, then keep track of the price as these coins often go through periods of rises and dips and you can turn 1 Masternode into 3 Masternodes just by buying and selling in a short amount of time. Otherwise, I’d buy a Masternode or 2 when the price is down, spend a week getting that up to 5 nodes and then start taking at least some profits and investing them in other coins like TRON or Ncash, or other coins that are based on growth potential and not rewards potential. I think if you do this, you can easily get back your money many times before the rewards really start to drop off for these front-loaded Masternode coins even if the coin doesn’t have a product in the end.