Plustoken scam and its effects on the crypto market

The Plustoken Scam of 2019 was the biggest crypto scam ever, stealing some 200,000 BTC from investors. This, of course,had much broader effects on the cryptocurrency market overall. In the video, we take a look on how it pumped the market in the early part of 2019 and then dumped the market after August.


New Crypto Virus targets computer copy and Paste function, why you need to be aware

There is a new Crypto virus out that targets the copy and paste function of Windows computers. This is already stolen lots of money from some Crypto investors as they did not check the address after they hit the paste button on their computers. You should run your virus and malware scan often and even more importantly, check your address after you paste it in to avoid losing your Bitcoin.

Nucleus Vision(Ncash) Red Flags?

Its been a while since I talked about Nucleus Vision(Ncash) and recently the news has not been good. It seems that many of the partnerships that nCash has listed on their website are either exaggerated or completely fake. I’ve only heard of 1 of the companies on their website come out and confirm that there was a partnership with nCash while others like Intel have stated that they have no knowledge of such a partnership. Nucleus Vision’s CEO later came out and said that they had partnered with a store that sells Intel’s products and not Intel itself. If that is true, they should not have put Intel’s Logo on their website because that implies that there a partnership with the brand. Their claim of Tim Draper being on the advisory board has been reported by several newspapers and Tim Draper has not denied it, but he has also not come out and confirmed it either. It also seems that they have store roll-outs in India but we do not know the physical location of these stores. All in all, the situation with nCash has a lot of muddy water around it and until some of these things get cleared up, I would be cautious is I were thinking about buying more nCash.

Note: I am not a financial adviser and these articles and videos are just opinions, they are not professional financial advice.

TopBTC Holds APR Coin Hostage, untrustworthy exchange?

APR, a fairly new POS coin that has been aggressive about getting on new exchanges, is being held hostage by a TopBTC. The standard listing fee for TopBTC is 20BTC + 20 BTC Collateral but after some negotiation, TopBTC and APR coin team agreed to a price of 8BTC + 8BTC Collateral for the listing fee. After only two days, Top BTC began having mysterious “issues” with APR Coin in terms of deposits and withdraws as both were halted. They first blamed it on some wallet stake reward issue and demanded a payment of 12,000 APR Coins but after that was proven to be totally false they changed their story to one of their engineers messing up and causing the error yet still demanded 12,000 APR coins as payment. This is a clear case of extortion by TopBTC as they not only falsified a story but also changed and and still demanded a payment even though it was their own fault for the error.
Just today, Top BTC used bots to fulfill a 15,000 APR sell order on their exchange(while deposits and withdraws are still frozen) to tank APR coin’s price. The APR team has demanded that the exchange stop trading APR and a full refund of the listed fee of 8BTC due to TopBTC’s behavior. This is unacceptable behavior by a large exchange and I would recommend people to stay far way from them.

Don’t fall for scam airdrops

Recently on some of my videos, people have been posting links to “airdrops” where you are supposed to get free coins. After looking at some of them, they are obviously scams aimed at trying to get your private wallet key from you. Several have posted links to trying to get people to sign up for the free airdrop. DO NOT DO IT. In fact, do go for anything that asks you for your private key or login/password to any exchange, they are most likely trying to scam you. Your private key is just that — private, don’t give it to anyone. If you do, you are asking to lose all your coins. I have deleted these links as soon as I’ve found them but I am not awake 24/7 to monitor comments.