Bitcoin Maximalists destroying Alt coins, especially Stellar

Bitcoin Maxis are taking the airdrops of Alt Coins and donating them to causes they believe in like The Onion Router, advising them to dump to donated coins for money to fund their projects. This is especially prominent with XLM as they drop so many coins and many Bitcoin holders will “donate” or “dump” such “shitcoins” when they get them.


Stellar(XLM) blockchain to be used at Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton has said that they will use the Stellar Blockchain for a test on a new fund. They are waiting for approval by the SEC and the fund can be terminated at any time. This use does not involve any investment in cryptocurrency, it is just using the blockchain to record data and information. If the test succeeds, they may use Stellar for other funds in the future.

Stellar(XLM) partners with WireX to launch 26 stablecoins

Stellar(XLM) has partnered with Wirex to launch 26 stablecoins. Each of these coins will be partnered with a fiat currency in a local country to provide each p2p remittances and money transfers. This also helps XLM in the long run by giving more pairs to trade against and develops the ecosystem for the future.

Stellar(XLM) and IBM to deploy cryptocurrencies with 2 major US banks

Stellar(XLM) is getting ready to deploy cryptocurrencies with 2 major US banks. The names of the two banks have not been revealed. In addition to the 6 banks that already have signed a MOU with Stellar to deploy stablecoins, this brings the total number of banks to eight. If two major banks deploy stablecoins on the Stellar protocol, it will give XLM additional liquidity as a trading pair and may help its prospects in the future to be a bridge coin. In the last few days Stellar and IBM have made big strides in the cross-border market.

Stellar(XLM) added to coinbase

Stellar Lumens(XLM) has been added to Coinbase Pro and should start trading in the next 24 hours. XLM went up about 4% today after this announcement. It did not go up any further because it was already up from the earlier hype about money 20/20 Asia featuring Jed McCaleb and Jessie Lund. It may pump further this week because of the hype surrounding the conference but if you buy now, you also risk it tanking back to 8.5 cents due to the “Buy the Rumor, sell the news” trends in the crypto community.

Stellar Based Partners with Mastercard

Stellar based has partnered with Mastercard to develop a blockchain connectivity layer. The report does not say that MasterCard will use the Lumens Crypto and Mastercard may well issue its own coin on the Stellar protocol. However, this does plug MasterCard into Blockchain technology and opens up many opportunities for the future of Mastercard, Stellar, and Blockchain in general.

Stellar overtakes EOS to take #5 spot

Stellar Lumens overtook EOS to take the #5 spot in terms of Market Cap of Cryptocurrencies. This was boosted in large part by a large surge in the last few days that can be attributed to one of three factors.
First is the fact that there are lots of rumors that XLM and ADA may be added to Coinbase. I am not sure about these rumors as the last two coins added were both ERC-20 coins and XLM is not ERC-20.
Second is the the massive airdrop that XLM is doing that may be getting many people interested in the coin and therefore getting more buyers into the market.
Third is Jed McCaleb selling his XRP and using it to pump up XLM in price.
I think the airdrop and further adoption is the only one that could be a more permanent increase for XLM as the other two will fall off in the mid to long run.

Stellar based smartlands platform signs deal with Colliers International

Smartlands, a real-estate platform based on the Stellar Network has signed a deal with Colliers International to possibly tokenize real-estate on the Stellar blockchain. We already know this can work with the condo in Manhattan that was recently tokenized on the Ethereum Blockchain but this is going to be on a much bigger scale. Colliers International has assets in 69 countries and had revenue of $2.7 billion in 2017. This is a major deal for Smartlands and Stellar and should greatly increase transaction volume on the network as well as possibly provide a lot of revenue for the Smartlands platform. This also gets Stellar’s foot in the door i the trillion dollar real-estate market.