Chainlink surpasses BTC trading volume on coinbase

Chainlink has surpassed Bitcoin’s trading volume on Coinbase. Although most likely temporary, Chainlink’s interest is huge and the coin may continue to rise into the $15-$20 range.

Poloniex allows “unverified” account trading

Poloniex has shown its true colors and why it really wanted to get away from the USA. It will now allow unverified account trading and withdraws per day of up to $10,000. That kind of thing would never fly in the United States. I think its a quick strategy to boost up customer numbers but will ultimately get Justin Sun and Poloniex into trouble in the long run.

Dogecoin: Time to sell and lock in profits?

The price of Dogecoin has risen in the last week from 39 satoshi to over 100 satoshi, leaving people with a 250% gain. But the question now is(for those who are in it for the money anyways),is it time to sell and cash in on some of those gains? I would say the answer is yes because if you look at the actions from the top 20 largest wallets, there is obvious evidence of those wallets taking action to keep the price where it is. They are also riding the sentiment of the last two weeks of the Dogecoin Yahoo listing and the Doge Ethereum bridge to keep the price high. The price of Dogecoin, I believe, would have naturally risen to perhaps 50-55 satoshi but 100 satoshi is a bit too much, in my opinion for natural gains, and the price is being propped up across the exchanges by the largest wallets. They cannot keep this up forever as exchanges like Bittrex and Poloniex have fees for trading so constant buying and trading to yourself is not feasible. Also, the bullish sentiment will eventually wear off and DOGE will probably go back to where it naturally should be, and my guess would be around 55 satoshis. So as before, I would suggest selling off 50-66% of your doge at 100 satoshi and waiting for the price to drop to make sure to lock in some profits if you bought in low.

* I am not a professional financial adviser and this is not professional financial advice and I am not responsible for your gains or losses, trade at your own risk.

XLM to $99, Tron to $10, Dogecoin to $1? Why you need to be tempered and reasonable in your expectations.

I’ve seen tons of videos and as well as comments of people saying they will hold until Tron reaches $10 or XLM moons at $99 or Dogecoin reaches $1 and they all seem to think it will happen within a few months. I am here to explain why that is not a smart strategy for investing and why tempering your expectations to something a little more reasonable will make you much more money in the long run.
First you have to look at where your predictions where leave the coin in terms of marketcap. Tron at $10 and XLM at $99 would leaves both those market caps at or over $1 trillion. Even a full partnership with Alibaba would not make TRON worth $1 trillion because even Alibaba is nowhere near that number. The only two companies on earth worth that much right now are Apple and Amazon and no cryptocurrency is nearly at the state those two companies are in. Doge at $1 is more reasonable, but it still would put it at #2 in cryptocurrency marketcap which I think is overly ambitious for Dogecoin. A spot in the top 10 or 15 is much more reasonable.

If you are determined to hold until prices reach those kind of targets, you are doing yourself a disservice because.

1) They may never reach that high(those are truly pipe dream numbers)
2) You are missing out on the chance to sell at a high and then buy more coins when there is a correction which almost always happens in this market.

A couple of of times selling at the peak and buying when its low will make you just as much money as that one ride to the moon and you are much more likely buy lower and sell higher a few times than mooning even once. Each time you sell high and buy low, you are compounding your profits and like compound interest that will quickly add up and overtake that 1 time your coin actually moons, not to mention the 99 other times where it didn’t moon and you actually lost money.

Bitcoin short term bull run?

Bitcoin recently has risen to above $7200 and it seems like there is still a ways to go in this bull run. Bitcoin Shorts have dropped dramatically recently and longs have increased. The last time this happened, Bitcoin went all the way to $8500. This is very similar to that time. That rally was stopped short and reversed by the news of the CBOE ETF delay and this one might be also sometime before September 30th. That is a day that we should all be paying attention to as I expect another delay for the ETF at that time. I actually do not expect a final decision to be made on that ETF until Feb of next year. However, the news about adoption of cryptocurrency by industry I believe is finally filtering through and that is helping to raise the market up currently and will continue to do so for some time. If the custody services come through and retirement and pension funds start injecting money into cryptocurrency, the ETFs may not have as much effect on the market as they do now. So before the SEC announces their ETF decision on the CBOE ETF, I believe the markets will inch up but based on what they decide, that decision will move the market a lot.

Dogecoin trading strategy for DogeEthereum Bridge

With the Dogeethereum bridge coming up soon and Dogecoin up close to 100% since before this week, its time to consider what to do with your Dogecoin, especially if you bought in just before this week. The September 5th test could have big ramifications for the price of Dogecoin based on how it goes. I believe if it goes well, the price may remain fairly stable or may even go up a bit but if it doesn’t go well, the price could drop a lot due to delays in the Dogeethereum bridge launch date. If you bought in at 39sats before this week, selling would not be a bad idea as it would represent almost 100% profits and then you could look to buy in after the price has dropped a little bit. If you bought in at the height 2 days ago, you almost have to hold it and hope the bridge launch goes well. This is not the best prospect, but I don’t think its a horrible one given that I think DOGE has a good long term future. However, if I bought in early, what I would actually do is sell half of my holdings, take some profit and wait with the other 50% for the large potential in the case of a very successful launch. Since there is news of Coinbase potentially adding DOGE and Yahoo finance already adding Doge, there is a chance that DOGE won’t be coming down in price anytime soon. Selling half means that you already regained everything you bought in for if you bought in earlier this week and you still leave yourself a lot of room for potential growth if there is more good news to follow.

Zilliqa(ZIL)Project updates and trading strategy

Zilliqa(ZIL) is a often talked about cryptocurrency on the internet mostly because there are a lot of people who spam fake airdrops everywhere. At first I thought it was just going to be a spam pump and dump but now I think it is a legitimate project that has formed a good strategic partnership with a Japanese software company and through that gives it inroads for adoption via that company’s clients. It has a mainnet launch sometime either in December or January so look for the hype to push the price up perhaps starting in late October. It is currently working on security improvements and tools before it launches its main net.

Yahoo Finance adds Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to its trading services

Yahoo Finance, a popular trading platform, has added Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum trading to its portfolio or services. People who use Yahoo Finance can now trade in these three popular cryptocurrencies. Since Yahoo Finance is still a popular financial platform with Millions of users, it will put Cryptocurrency in front of many people who have never looked at it before. This may generate new interest, new money, and more trading volume in the long run and I look forward to the day that platforms like E-Trade or Ameri-trade offer trading in crypto(real crypto, not just futures). This is just another sign of cryptocurrency going mainstream and that more adoption will be coming in the future. CBOE has also announced that they will be opening up Ethereum futures trading sometime this year. I don’t like futures contracts that are settled in cash but I don’t think this one will be as bad as Bitcoin futures since Ethereum does not effect the market the same way that Bitcoin does. Overall, I would rather see futures settled in their native cryptocurrency, but I do not think this will have the impact that Bitcoin futures did.

Crypt Bridge Trading Bots and spotting them

Crypto-bridge is often the first exchange that many coins, especially MN coins, will trade on and therefore are very vulnerable to trade bots that can easily tank the price of a coin. These trade bots generally put up large walls that are very hard to sell or buy through and then do small spot buys in between those walls, gaining 15 to 30% for each swap. They rely mostly on people who want to get into the market quickly that do spot buys and people who are desperate to dump back into BTC to make money and they make a lot of it each day. You can always check the Bridge to see the accounts that are buying and selling. Two of the accounts that perpetrate this the most are gaut01 and Kalder56. If you see their orders, do not fill them and just hang onto your coins.