Ethereum Blockchain used to Tokenize Condo

The Ethereum Blockchain has been used to Tokenize a $30 million condo in Manhattan. This just shows us another huge way that Cryptocurrencies could possibly be used in the real world. The blockchain has already been used to help with an Austrian Bond auction and now will invade the real estate market as well with this move. This is real-world use in action and will not only help Ethereum but other mainnet coins as well like EOS and TRON proving that they can be used successfully with real-world applications and that they have a large future in multiple marketplaces.


Crypto Bull Run Coming Q4 2018: 5 reasons

Many people are wondering when the next bull run will be in crypto. I will make a case that Q4 of 2018 is a perfect time for a bull run with five solid reasons:

1. Q4 has almost always been good for crypto — If you just look back on history, you’ll notice that Q4 has almost always been good for crypto and has always been a season for great improvements in price, including last year. As weird as it sounds, the crypto year sort of follows the business year with Q1 and Q2 usually not being great, Q3 being ok and Q4 being far better than the other quarters.

2. Lots of financial products from the big players are going to come into play in Q4. Coinbase and other companies are expanding their custody programs and will attract more institutional investors. Major financial Giants like Fidelity will also introduce cryptocurrency products for retirement and savings investments which should attract more money into crypto

3. Regulations are getting hammered out by the United States and other countries and pro crypto groups are starting to appear in government. Several senators urged the IRS to provide more guidelines and a safe harbor for crypto investors and Coinbase and other crypto companies have started a crypto lobby group in Washington.

4. Third world countries are turning to crypto to buffer against their unstable fiat currency. Countries like Venezuela, Turkey, and Iran’s citizens are turning to crypto because their own money is unstable and crypto is a border-less money that can be used as a buffer around the world.

5. Real world usage of Crypto is here. Whether its XLM or XRP with banking and remittances or IOTA with the auto industry, crypto is seeing widespread adoption and use, thus erasing the main criticism of cryptocurrency.

For these reasons, I do believe Q4 is ripe for a bull run.

Coinbase adds many coin stats to their mobile app

Coinbase has added the ticker of many coins to its coinbase virtual app. While these coins are not available to trade on Coinbase yet, you can get their info. The coins that you can now see stats for on coinbase are:

Binance Coin(BNB)
Bitcoin Gold
Bitcoin Diamond
Pundi X
Basic Attention Coin(BAT)

I think these are the coins that Coinbase is seriously looking at to bring onto their platform by the end of the year. This would be a hugely positive thing for many of these coins.

Coinbase Hires for New York Office, Fidelity to introduce new crypto products,NYU offers cryto major

Coinbase is hiring new people for their New York office that is mostly geared towards serving institutional investors with their custody service. They are looking to head hunt high level people from the financial or investing sectors to give them credibility to pull institutional investors into their platform. These clients will have a lot of money to invest in Crypto and it may help bring the overall market up.
Fidelity, which handles a lot of cash in retirement funds says market pressure is making it introduce cryptocurrency products by the end of this year. If even a small fraction of their retirement funds go into crypto, it can mean a large increase in the influx of money coming into cryptocurrency. Fidelity’s statement also makes me confident that there are a lot of people waiting on the sidelines looking for the right time to get into crypto meaning there is a lot of money out there that wants to jump in.
NYU has also offered the first cryptocurrency major at their university due to the vast demand that was arising. This tells me that up and coming generation will have much greater interest in the cryptocurrency market and eventually more money will flow in as understanding improves.

Kik brings Crypto to 100 million in Beauty industry, Crypto-reward Electric vehicles launched

Beauty platform Perfect 365 has teamed up with Kin to bring cryptocurrency to its 100 million(mostly female) users. The beauty app will reward users with cryptocurrency for completing a variety of tasks including surveys. The fact that this is targeting the female population is important as only 8 percent of all cryptocurrency investors are female. However, there are limitations on how much you can earn and at the current exchange rate, it comes to less than a penny per day of the cryptocurrency, so this will almost force people to hold on and hope the cryptocurrency gains momentum. This is the biggest user of the Kin ecosystem so far and a good start to get more women familiar with cryptocurrency.

Cyclean is launching a electric vehicle that combines blockchain and cryptocurrency software with electric powered vehicles. Cyclean will allow people to rent these products and get cryptocurrency as a reward. The reward will be based on how many miles you have traveled with these vehicles. This is a interesting idea, although somewhat ironic as cryptocurrency mining is devastating for the environment. Cyclean has completed its ICO and is listed on HitBTC.

XLM to $99, Tron to $10, Dogecoin to $1? Why you need to be tempered and reasonable in your expectations.

I’ve seen tons of videos and as well as comments of people saying they will hold until Tron reaches $10 or XLM moons at $99 or Dogecoin reaches $1 and they all seem to think it will happen within a few months. I am here to explain why that is not a smart strategy for investing and why tempering your expectations to something a little more reasonable will make you much more money in the long run.
First you have to look at where your predictions where leave the coin in terms of marketcap. Tron at $10 and XLM at $99 would leaves both those market caps at or over $1 trillion. Even a full partnership with Alibaba would not make TRON worth $1 trillion because even Alibaba is nowhere near that number. The only two companies on earth worth that much right now are Apple and Amazon and no cryptocurrency is nearly at the state those two companies are in. Doge at $1 is more reasonable, but it still would put it at #2 in cryptocurrency marketcap which I think is overly ambitious for Dogecoin. A spot in the top 10 or 15 is much more reasonable.

If you are determined to hold until prices reach those kind of targets, you are doing yourself a disservice because.

1) They may never reach that high(those are truly pipe dream numbers)
2) You are missing out on the chance to sell at a high and then buy more coins when there is a correction which almost always happens in this market.

A couple of of times selling at the peak and buying when its low will make you just as much money as that one ride to the moon and you are much more likely buy lower and sell higher a few times than mooning even once. Each time you sell high and buy low, you are compounding your profits and like compound interest that will quickly add up and overtake that 1 time your coin actually moons, not to mention the 99 other times where it didn’t moon and you actually lost money.

Zilliqa(ZIL)Project updates and trading strategy

Zilliqa(ZIL) is a often talked about cryptocurrency on the internet mostly because there are a lot of people who spam fake airdrops everywhere. At first I thought it was just going to be a spam pump and dump but now I think it is a legitimate project that has formed a good strategic partnership with a Japanese software company and through that gives it inroads for adoption via that company’s clients. It has a mainnet launch sometime either in December or January so look for the hype to push the price up perhaps starting in late October. It is currently working on security improvements and tools before it launches its main net.

Tokenpay says that cryptocurrencies were not make for “HODLING”

Tokenpay has stated that cryptocurrencies were made for transactional use and not “HOLDING” and I completely agree. Tokenpay is taking the smart way and encouraging its investors to actually spend the crypto instead of holding it and hoping the price goes up. They understand that a crypto’s value often follows its volume and that people spending and transacting its token for non-speculative purposes will eventually drive up the price of the coin. This is what is wrong with most people’s way of thinking about cryptocurrency. They think holding it and not selling it until a very high price will make the price go up but that is not how it works. There will always be a market of buyers and sellers, as there needs to be, for any commodity and the less volume there is, the less liquidity there is. The less liquidity there is, the less demand there is for that commodity which means less people will buy it. Having lots of people buy and trade it is much better for the price than having no one buy and trade it. That is why Bitcoin’s price has always followed its volume. Tokenpay’s other criticism directed on Bitcoin and Ethereum were probably just Propaganda promoting its own coin, but they do make a solid point that cryptos weren’t make to be held forever and not used.

Bitcoin Cash infighting may lead to hard fork

Bitcoin Cash(BCH)’s infighting may lead to a hard fork for the cryptocurrency because two of its leaders cannot agree to a compromise. One of the parties is headed by Craig Wright, who claims to be the legendary Satoshi who started Bitcoin, although he offers no proof and I doubt anyone seriously believes him. This fight, I believe, is really about Ego, Power, and Control and it will hurt users of Bitcoin cash, especially if they fork in November, which is why I would abandon ship before then if I were a Bitcoin Cash investor. There are other neutral elements in the conflict which don’t agree with either side and are trying to provide solutions for the users, but I believe there will be some damage done and it does not look good. Instead of shit talking each other online, the two sides should just challenge each other in Mortal Kombat, winner take all.

Dogecoin on the list of possible UPS integration coins

UPS(United Parcel Service) said it was looking to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency into its business in the future and was looking at Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Dogecoin. I found it surprising that they would be considering Dogecoin, which started as a joke meme coin but is growing into a considerable player in the cryptocurrency market. UPS’s integration of any coin would be a big step for that coin, but it would be bigger for DOGE than the other four because DOGE does not have the marketcap or the transaction volume of the other four coins and so will have a bigger percentage boost if adopted by a large business like UPS. It is good to see DOGECOIN taken seriously by large business although it somewhat makes sense as DOGE is more decentralized than the other big cryptocurrencies because of its origins.