New Crypto Virus targets computer copy and Paste function, why you need to be aware

There is a new Crypto virus out that targets the copy and paste function of Windows computers. This is already stolen lots of money from some Crypto investors as they did not check the address after they hit the paste button on their computers. You should run your virus and malware scan often and even more importantly, check your address after you paste it in to avoid losing your Bitcoin.


Polyswarm — is it a good token?

Polyswarm is a new way to look at security and how to defeat malware and it works on the nectar token. Unlike traditional software packages, the Polyswarm network is a decentralized network made up of security experts who are willing to solve security issues or artifacts in exchange for bounties(nectar tokens). This gives end users and ambassadors(end user reps) a chance to hire experts to solve their specific problems. This is the only project that I have seen that focuses on this industry in this way and I think if the ambassador program works out, it could revolutionize the way security is done. If a few big companies sign on to this for their security needs, it could really take off and investors could see 10x or more returns. The points to check are if their ambassador program does well, if their beta, gamma, and official 1.0 release goes without too much trouble and if they have big clients at the end of this year. I think this is a great project that has a lot of potential.