XRP Army’s average buy-in price is $1.37

There have been many shills for XRP in the past few years, all hinting at impossible prices in the hundreds or thousands of dollars for XRP. However, the coin is now at 18.8 cents. A study has revealed that the average buy-in price for the XRP army was $1.37 so some of them are desperate for the coin to move up.


Vechain testnets hits ATH, Ripple pays $16m to Moneygram to use ODL

Vechain testnet is hitting an all-time high for transactions. That is RealItems is onboarding their infrastructure onto VET. It will probably onboard to the mainnet after the testnet and we will see a spike in transactions there for a few days but it probably will not be sustained.
Ripple, in its quarterly report, has said it paid moneygram $16.6m dollars in XRP, which was immediately dumped, to use ODL and help support the costs of using the system.

Vechain with Mastercard? XRP/ODL to be tested by Sumitomo and other speculations

Vechain has appeared on a graphic with mastercard and 8 other companies prompting the belief that Vechain Settlement token will be used soon with those companies. While these are just rumors, the tie-up would mean great things for Vechain in the future. Sumitomo has bought 20% in SBI’s international brokerage arm and is going to invest in Fintech with Ripple is a part of. This could lead to ODL usage in the future.

Ripple sues Youtube, end of XRP livestreams and channels?

Ripple has sued Youtube because of the livestream giveaway scams that Youtube has failed to take down in good time. This will most likely make things worse for crypto Youtubers and especially Ripple Youtubers as youtube will come down extremely hard on us for the actions of a few scammers.

XRP, XLM too closely held to be in hedge fund

Morgan Creek Digital says that XRP and XLM are too closely held to be in their hedge fund. What that means is that the organization and its executives or associates held too high a percentage of the coins for them to be considered to be part of the fund. Too high concentrations of coins opens to door to more manipulation and is someone a hedge fund would like to avoid.

Brad Garlinghouse accused of dumping XRP in Lawsuit

In a new twist and addition to the Ripple Lawsuit. Brad Garlinghouse himself has been targeted. The new complaints alleges that while leading investors to believe that he would hold onto his XRP, Garlinghouse dumped 67 million XRP in 2017-2018. While it is true that he did dump the XRP, it fails to mention that he has 3 billion XRP so it is a small portion of his holdings.