Kyber Network(KNC) Token, it is worth buying

Today we take a short look at Kyber Network, a token as well as a decentralized exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies. The token will be used on the decentralized exchange for fees but any tokens that are not used for fees and operational costs will be burned right after the transaction occurs. Given that the total supply is just over 200,000,000 tokens, this could very well lead to a shortage of supply and make the price of each individual token go very high. The future of the token is obviously tied to the success of the exchange but I think decentralized exchanges are going to get a boost in this next year with Binance announcing that they will launch their own this year and also a large Japanese corporation is planning to unveil a decentralized exchange. If Kyber network runs through their tests well and their volume picks up, then the value of their token will go way up. Add the fact that the number of tokens is always decreasing makes it a very tempting investment for the future. This is a token you should take a hard look at.

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